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TRIX RFID Protector supports ISO card size for protecting 13.56MHz RFID cards against unwanted access. It contains a special protection sheet which blocks RFID signals from reaching the card whilst inserted.


We offer a complete portfolio of smart card Operational Systems, guaranteeing superior cost-effective solutions. From M2M and Telecom, to Identification, Banking and Trasportation, we are able to fully support your operations independently of the requirements.

Our portfolio inclues:

- EMV payment solutions

- Government / ID

- Transportation

- SIM Cards



In business, we're paid to take raw inputs, and to "add value" to them by turning them into something of worth to other people. This is easy to see in manufacturing, where the manufacturer "adds value" by taking a raw material of little use to the end-user (for example, wood pulp) and converting it into something that people are prepared to pay money for (e.g. paper). But this idea is just as important in service industries, where people use inputs of time, knowledge, equipment and systems to create services of real value to the person being served – the customer.

So how do you find out where you, your team or your company can create real value?

We will help you to find out the answers.

With a fierce commoditization process decreasing margins in every industry, how to add real value to your products and services?

Here at Tristar, we generate creative ideas and strategies to help advance your business. With every client, we research and understand needs and requirements, finding new ways, through multiple mediums, to connect them with their business goals.  We are focused in the smart card industry, supplying state-of-art products and solutions to add real competitive advanatages to your business.



If your business require reliable solutions with top quality products and services, we can support you to meet your goals.

The TRIX Smart Card Reader series are lightweight, portable, ISO 7816 compliant and especially designed to enable access to smart cards through computer environment.

The TRIX  PKI Token Series are portable security devices that combine both smart card and smart card reader features. It is designed to handle digital certificates and payment applications providing authentication functions and effectively guaranteeing the security of online transaction.