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SmartCard Development

Our experienced team helps in the planning of data flow, security requirements and production capacity JAVACARD

Need a specific smartcard application developed? We can assist. With an in depth knowledge of the Javacard platform our team can develop the applet required to exceed your expectations. Whether it is a pure Javacard application or a SIM based STK applet we can develop the applet as well as the supporting software systems required to interact, manage and control the complete solution.


Do you have a Smartcard or security project and require an experienced engineer to lead it through the initial critical development stage? We can help by consulting and providing a part-time project manager or team leader to ensure your team is steered in the right direction and always have someone to guide them when they have doubts. Our experience can be the difference between a successful project and an epic failure.


Our experienced team can provide specific training on a large variety of smartcard and security topics as well as general programming principles for many different platforms and programming languages. Contact us with your needs and we will create a tailored training package to ensure your team knows what they are talking about. Unlike most other training packages we won't abandon you after the training session. Include with all training packages is 1 month of limited support where you can send us any questions you run into while applying the new theory in practice.


Do you have a great idea for a SIM/SMS based service but you don't know how to implement it? Our team can help either by implementing the solution on your behalf or through training/consulting. With knowledge in web applications, servers, databases, HSM's, Javacard and other STK scripting language such as WIB, S@T and even other proprietary solutions we are sure we can contribute to your success.